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Heeeeeere’s TOMMY

7 Jun

The excitement that strikes me whenever I come home to find a parcel tag waiting for me is pretty much on par with how I felt as a kid on Christmas morning before my parents would release the dead-bolts on my cell and let me ravage the gifts beneath the tree (anyone else have a similar childhood experience)?

It’s a feeling of bat shit insanity.

Well, ok, maybe not EVERY time, but that was definitely how I felt on Friday because THIS TIME I knew exactly what that parcel tag was for.


They’re here.

Let me introduce you to my very own ‘red dress‘:

Gold glitters by TOMS.

I am SO excited to finally be wearing these. I really do feel like a million bucks. I’ve pretty much been dancing around like a fool since I put them on (and before I put them on for that matter. The nice lady at the post office may or may not have had her hand poised by the panic button the whole time I was signing for the parcel). It was so, SO worth it.

I want to say thanks to everyone who left such loving comments on my last post about the shoes. It’s one thing to get support from friends and family, but it’s something really special to be told that you’re “worth it” by complete strangers. That sense of solidarity with people who you probably will never know in real life but who totally get where you’re coming from? Magic. You guys didn’t have to show that kind of love to me but you did, and it’s something I’ll never forget.

Major love also goes out to The Bloggess herself, Jenny, for inspiring this whole movement of love with her Traveling Red Dress. Thanks for being the nudge I needed to start down a long-neglected path of self-love. You? You are wonderful.

Glitter on, baby.

Glitter on, everyone.