Adventures in eavesdropping

18 May

So, I’m sitting in a cafe, doing what it is that hip young people do in hip young(?) cafes and these three ladies sit down at the table next to me.

From the looks of things, they seem to be three generations of women from the same family – Grandma, Mama and Daughter. They seem tight I guess, I’m sure they’re nice.

Now, something you need to know about me now is that I am a shameless eavesdropper. Are you really having this conversation in public? Well then you’d better believe I’m listening. I’d apologize but, like I said, shameless.

Daughter looks to be a bit older than me but I’ve never been a good judge of those kinds of things so really, I might just be full of shit. She is also, as my cunning eavesdropping has deducted, in the midst of a significant personal crisis. Mama and Grandma seem to have brought her here to stage a bit of an intervention.

It’s not sex, drugs, or even, I’m sad to say, rock n’ roll that seem to be this young lady’s problem – it’s really just life. She bought a house before she was ready and without job security, she’s maxed out her credit cards and is swimming in debt and, from what I can glean without being too obvious, got involved with a man that left her high and dry. Oh, and it sounds like she’s in total denial about just how bad her situation is. Eeek.

My first reaction when I realized what was going on was “Fuck, this is AWKWARD”. Nothing like calling out all of a person’s poor choices right there in public. Like, every so often it sounds like she’s weeping and I’m all REALLY? Devastating.

But the more I listen in the more I can appreciate what Mama and Grandma are doing. Yeah, this might not be the best place but then again maybe it’s perfect – after all, she’s not going to blow up and start screaming in a crowded cafe, right? (Oh god, please don’t blow up and start screaming).

As much as Daughter is resisting, Mama and Grandma are really laying on the tough love. She might not like it right now, but it sounds like this girl really needs a couple of kind souls in her corner right now. She’s lucky to have them, I hope she lets them help her.

Remember when my boss told me I needed to get some perspective? Yeah. Yikes. Thanks cosmic forces, I’m picking up what you’re laying down, thanks.


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